Uber to mentor Indian start-ups

UberExchange is the initiative by Uber to mentor “start-ups” in India.A total of 750 start-ups are competing in this program.Uber will conduct six leadership talks by its senior executives.The first talk was delivered by the founder of uber; Travis Kalanick.He interacted with students at the IIT Bombay campus on January 19th.
The program will short-list 10 start-ups who would be given an opportunity to travel to San Francisco.They will be introduced to global investors , entrepreneurs and Uber core team. Initially 20 teams will be short-listed; finally 10 will inducted into the mentor-ship.
Uber has stated that they will be only mentoring and not act as an incubator.The start-ups competing are from diverse fields which vary from health to mobile applications.This program will enable the start-ups to learn from the industry leaders and uber believe that even established companies can learn from young talent.
Uber founder Travis Kalanick and many other Silicon Valley big names attended the start-up India intiative in January 2016. Founders of India’s major start-ups such as Paytm, Freecharge, zomato Quikr also participated in the government’s start-up action plan .The event was inaugurated by Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley.
The Indian Government has been trying to improvise the start-up environment and is trying to reduce long procedures and red tape to establish Companies.
India stands third in the world in terms of increasing start-up ecosystem and the government wants to use this environment positively.The aim of the government is to be a nation of job creators and not that of job seekers.

Uber has a role in decreasing in drunk and drive cases

Uber is involved in legal battles in more than half the countries in the world and complete ban in certain countries. However there is some good news that might put a smile on Uber employees face.
Uber has a direct correlation to reducing drunk and drive cases, suggests new studies and data analysis from major cities such as California, Seattle and London.
Philadelphia’s Temple University, has analyzed the deaths based on DUI (driving under influence) has fallen by 5.6% in San Francisco city .The easy availability of the taxis have a meaningful impact on the society. People tend to choose uber rather than self-drive when under booze.
Cities which have UberX , the cheapest service offered by Uber , tend to have a reduction of about 3.6 to 5.6 % in alcohol related deaths.
In London though the number of drunk and drive cases have reduced since 1970’s but with the entry of Uber the decrease has been steep. Also research paper suggests that the entry of uber has not increased car accidents.
All this data definitely suggests that Uber has a correlation to the reduction in drunk and drive cases. Nonetheless Correlation does not mean direct cause there is certainly an effect of Uber on the reduction of DUI cases.
This research was not funded by uber and was carried out independently. This has stirred a lot of interest and many leading magazines such as tech times, Washington Post have published the research findings. There are several requests to foolow-up the research to find out more effects of Uber on the communities.

Uber faces complete ban in Spain

Uber which is expanding at an aggressive rate around the globe is battling out severe legal battles.Uber suspended its operations in Spain on December 30 2014 followed by a judgement given on December 9 2014.
The company faced severe protests from taxi drivers of Madrid taxi association saying it had an unfair advantage over taxi drivers.Also the judegement stated that uberPOP the low cost service of Uber did not comply with Spanish transportation laws and amounted for unfair competion.
The judge also ordered Spanish banks and Telecommunications Company not to offer support to uber.
The foremost reason behind the taxi driver’s uproar was that the ride-sharing services made it unfair for them as drivers without proper taxi liscence were earning through this service.
Nonetheless uber hit back at its Spain ban by filling a complaint at the European Union.The company stated to the EU that Spain was protecting the monopoly of taxi drivers.The EU is yet to decide on this issue.
The void created by uber is being filled up by cabify, which unlike uber allows only liscenced taxis to attend their customers.Cabify has also got a round of investment from japan.
Cabify too has been facing the heat in Spain from the local taxi drivers that they had an unfair advantage over them.
Uber has requested Spain to remove restrictions over them which is being processed and will take certain time because of the ongoing incloncusive election issues in spain.

Uber’s new and refreshing look

If you have updated you’re Uber app you would have noticed the new logo with a circle from the previous “U” logo.The background color changes with each country.The app has customized colors and design for each of the 68 countries the app is used for a ride.
According to the CEO Kalanick and his team of designers decided to give brand refreshment to their logo.The old logo as described by Kalanick was more like 1990s style.The philosophy of the the new logo is “bits(Technology) and atoms(humanity)”. The new branding is stated as a celebration of the cities it is serving.The bit will be appearing through out the company’s site and app.
Also the black and white representation of the previous logo was more a luxurious look which uber is not, given its rise of access and affordability.
This will let the company use this logo for various portfolios it is planning to venture.Uber has already moved into food delivery , merchant delivery and automated cars.The company still has various plans in its latent stage.
The company has also changed its typeface for the main logo which according to the CEO is less fussy.
According to the company the design was deveolped after intense research of artistic designs, textiles, scenery, fashion and people to design authentic design for each country.
When multi national companies consider brand imaging to be consistent and cardinal rule Uber is breaking this and trying to be unique for the geography it serves.

Uber Launches New Mode of Payment through Debit Card

Uber, the ride hailing company brings out its new payment option via Debit card for all the users in 18 cities across India.

Through this new scheme, users can make their payment, even if they don’t have their credit card or could not use another mode of payments.

Credit card payment option relaunches in the month of July for the users who use Android mobiles. Now the payment option via credit or Debit card is applicable to all the Android as well as iOS users in India.

Following the regulations of the Reserve bank of India, there are two modes of Authentication, where users need to either enter their pin for online banking or one time password which will be received in user mobile.

Users can request for a ride using their credit or Debit card after the successful completion of Authentication process.

This helps the Uber users to have a stress free and convenient ride instead of booking for a ride two days before or waiting for a cab in the streets waving hands. It also enables them to reach a particular place in exact time.

It is expected that the Debit card payment option will help Uber to stand high among its rivals whereas it provides riders with the ability to choose from different payment options like Paytm, Credit or Debit card and cash.

The company permitted cash payments in six cities which include Ahmadabad, Chandigarh, Hyderabad, Raipur, Kochi and Pane.

Uber plans to offer 4g Wi-Fi internet to its riders

Uber, the US-based company is now planning to restore its lost fame in India. The company is known for its controversies across the country especially in New Delhi. Uber driver was accused of a sexual assault on a woman from New Delhi and the government temporarily banned the service from operating in the city. But earlier this year, the government lifted the ban from Uber. But the controversy has made a lot of people from other cities to uninstall the app from their smart phones.

The president of Uber India, Amit Jain is now very keen in expanding its service in 7 other cities. To give it a grand opening, the company is planning to offer 4g Wi-Fi to its riders in Mumbai. Would you believe that? The company has even joined forces with Airtel to provide fast internet to Uber riders. Get the best Ridey app now www.zoplay.com/web/uber-clone/  It has received good responses from many people and critics across the nation. In addition to that service, Uber has also included Airtel money in the payment option. It could be beneficial for both the companies across the nation and Amit believes there is a huge scope in the country. While the country is looking to grow stronger, the Indian critics say it’s a black market that plays an unfair game. Ola, Uber’s rival is widely famous in the country and it has introduced many features to expand its service wider. But Uber’s strong comeback would cause some serious troubles to its contenders.   

Uber team up with Jacksonville jaguars to sell Football tickets with discounts

Uber is planning to team up with Jacksonville jaguars, which is considered to a hopeless football team in the National football League. This is considered to be the first partnership Uber have with a sports team since the start of the company. It enables passengers from Florida to request for a ride where they have the option to purchase tickets for the Jaguar game with discounts prices. Regular passengers use their Uber account to do this process.

Uber already invested more in restaurant food deliveries with UberEats and shipment fulfillment with UberRush. It also gets immersed in more advanced features by delivering some items within a limited period of time.

Uber is experiencing a good growth in its business by connecting with more passengers by a single push button. This scheme saves time of passengers who require an emergency ride and it provides an opportunity for Uber to prove its power of business.

Uber satisfies customers with food deliveries, fulfillment in shipping, ticket sales and many more. Uber drags more customers towards it by its new feature expansion with a sports game. People who are not interested in the car services are now excited to go for a ride in Uber as they can get discount tickets for their favorite football game.

If partnership with Uber gives success for jaguars in their ticket sales, then other sports team tends to team up with ride hailing service Uber.

Jaguars join forces with Uber for rides to games

Uber is the most frequently used service across the globe and is also known for its record breaking sales in few cities. With attractive offers and deals, the company’s existing users would stick with it for a very long period of time. According to sources, Jaguars is collaborating with the online ride hailing service, Uber, to offer rides to games and also purchase tickets. Also, Jaguars is the first NFL sports franchise to have collaboration with an international brand name. The option to purchase tickets and offer rides to games have been implemented on the smart phone application. It is great news to the crazy sports fanatics and it is an added advantage for the service to gain more publicity. The international sports franchise and the Uber service would be making crazy amount of money with this collaboration.

It is not the first time Uber is making strategic and clever moves to make money; it has already implemented many exciting deals in the past and made other taxi drivers lives miserable. Now, this extra collaboration adds more spice to the mix. It is another way of promoting America’s National Football league to a wider audience. A confirmation message with seat details would be sent to the users once the tickets are purchased online through Uber. It makes the lives of sports fanatics a lot better by an easier option to purchase tickets. This combined force would serve people throughout the home season for every football game.

Uber To Test Its New Feature In The Bay Area

Uber launches a new feature to help drivers to specify their destinations to get matched with other trips. This feature is expected to be implemented in the Bay Area before making its way with some large markets. With this app, drivers are allowed to set their destination twice in a day so that they can able to get along with the riders pointing to the same direction.

A number of customers are receiving test drives through this app. Through this feature uber drivers can connect with users who like to have a ride to home or to have a simple journey around the town which also provide them fare along their own route. All uber trip requests such as Uberpool and Uberx can be matched as long as it is in the same destination of the driver.

It helps connecting car owners with the passengers those who like to have rides to the same location. It also provides an opportunity for the drivers to have an extra income without spending much money other than for their own purpose.

Lyft is already involved in this service using the same principles which has raised its growth over one billion from investors.

Drivers need to follow three simple steps to fix a destination. First step is to click on the clipboard icon, which they can find on the top corner of the app. After that, they can select a location from the saved list and search for new locations. Finally, they can drive towards the destination and the app will filter all requests to arrange trips along the way.

Uber Launches Uberpool In Miami

Uber comes up with its new feature by launching uberpool in Miami. Uber pool is an opportunity for customers to share their ride and cost of the ride they take with someone.

Uberpool enables a rider to get matched with another rider who choose the same direction. It does this by filtering the riders among a list of riders in hundreds or thousands.

Through this scheme, riders are expected to pay only half of their price and do not need to worry about travelling alone.

This scheme, which started in Miami on Nov 19 further extended to Miami Beach and Coral Gables. It gives time of two weeks for the local drivers and riders to get adapted to the service before heavy traffic could damage the week of Art Basel in Miami Beach.

After a few days this service will be introduced in Miami Dade, Broward and Palm Beach. Riders who like to go with this service can save their money as Uber claims that it has reduced its cost 25 to 50%.

Uber also stated that this service has many advantages as it avoids road blockage, reduces gas usage and emission of carbon dioxide.

Uber brings out some conditions for riders who like to have this service, which includes ensuring the riders not to make the car wait for them and switch off the mobile if possible while travelling. These conditions remind you of taking a shower in a locker room if you are on the way home from the gym.